Mindful Eating

Mindful eating is proven to reduce binge eating and improve body image through awareness, acceptance, and self-compassion. 

Janice's individual and group sessions can help you to : 

  • Curb cravings and get back in charge of your food choices 
  • Transform your relationship with food and approach it in a different way
  • Reconnect with your body wisdom and restore intuitive eating 
  • Discover how emotional eating is connected to nervous system regulation
  • Understand the habit loops you get stuck in and how to break them
  • Embrace the 7 Types of Hunger and know what you're really hungry fo

Mindful Eating is a non-diet approach and follows Health At Every Size philosophy.  

You can book Janice for a personalized mindful eating session or attend one of the group courses. 


Individual sessions are $140 or committ  to 10 sessions and invest in an individualized Mindful Eating package for $1100 (including tax).

Combine Mindful-eating course ($495) with an Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) session ($140) and a 2.5 hr group Forest Therapy experience ($40). Package price of $600.  Both ART and Forest Therapy will help to strengthen your Mindful Eating practice and reinforce new behaviour patterns around food. 

Upcoming Group Courses and Pricing

Mindful Eating 8-week course
Contact Janice for upcoming groups

Investment in your health and wellbeing : $495 (including tax)

Courses are held at the beautiful Bethlehem Centre. Contact Janice for registration or more info.


Course Outline

Week 1:  Mindfulness and Eating: What’s the connection?
Explore mindfulness and how it applies to your relationship with food.
You will be introduced to mindfulness-based practices that will put you in the driver’s seat of your own food choices and the messages you tell yourself about your body.  

Week 2:  Thought Distortions:  How are they involved?
Learn to identify some common distorted thoughts such as All or Nothing Thinking, Catastrophizing, and Negating the Positive (do you have trouble taking a compliment?). Explore ways to untwist this twisted thinking and dispel unhelpful rules around eating and how you should look.

Week 3:  Meet your Saboteur:  Who is sabotaging your best efforts?
Meet your inner roommate who tells you lies about yourself and undermines your success. Be supported while you get a new roommate and take charge of the voices within. 

Week 4:  Emotional Eating:  Are you running from discomfort?
Many of us have never learned how to identify, acknowledge, and process our emotions but they are there - lurking under the surface. Overeating becomes a habitual way to suppress, numb out and cope with life.

Included with 8-week course

Week 5:  Your Nervous System:  What does it have to do with eating? 
By understanding polyvagal theory you will become aware of your nervous system and begin to see how your food choices may be your clever way of regulating yourself and seeking balance.  

Week 6:  Curbing Cravings:  Are cravings so strong they take over?
When craving doesn’t come from hunger, we’re never satisfied.  
Learn new tools to slow down the mighty force of compulsion with the 4 R’s of curbing cravings.  Discover what are you truly hungry for.  

Week 7:  Body Image:  Who are you measuring yourself to?
Uncover where negative messages about your body come from and how self-compassion and awareness of thoughts can gradually change how you see yourself.  Learn to ‘catch yourself’ being judgemental.  Comparison is the thief of joy.  

Week 8:  Integration:  Ready to begin?
Mindful practices will be reviewed and reinforced each week, so they become integrated by the end of the course.  Leave with a tool kit of new skills and connect with the inner resources you already have but haven’t been able to trust. 

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