Mindfulness-based Interventions

Mindfulness has the transformational power to deepen self-awareness and shift destructive patterns.

Janice will import mindfulness philosophy and practices to help you to find greater calm and inner peace, increase emotional comfort and reduce distress. For her, the most apparent benefit of mindfulness-based practice has been self-compassion and taming the relentless inner critic. In her own recovery from an eating disorder, mindfulness and intuitive eating have become a cornerstone of lifelong recovery and making peace with food and her body.

Mindfulness is not a practice, it’s a way of living. Janice interweaves mindfulness in all her work, enabling people to integrate it into daily life over time.

The benefits of learning mindfulness with Janice include:

  • Increased awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Greater resilience and compassion, paving new neuro pathways in the brain
  • Reduction of stress-related complaints, chronic pain and self-destructive patterns
  • Decrease in anxiety and depression
  • Relapse prevention skills for addiction and disordered eating

Mindful Eating - Janice offers  individual packages and 8 week mindful eating groups to help people drop the diet mentality, learn to apply mindful principles to food choices and body dialogue, and increase self-compassion.  Learn to trust your body and eat intuitively.  (see Mindful Eating page for more information)

Mindfulness-based Relpse Prevention - Already in recovery?  Mindfulness-based relapse prevention can be a very effective in strengthening your recovery, coping with life, and becoming more resilient.  

Anxiety and Depression reduction -  combining mindfulness with cognitive behavioural approaches gets to the root of your anxiety and depression and builds skill to cope with stressful life situations.  


Some of the applications of Mindfulness include Mindful Eating, Mindfulness-based Relapse Prevention and Dialectical Behavior Therapy.