Nature & Forest Therapy

Forest Therapy is a research-based framework for supporting healing and wellness through immersion in forests and other natural environments.

A lover of nature and mental health professional, Janice offers both individual and group forest walks. A forest therapy session is not like a hike in the woods, nor is it a naturalist walk to learn about the surroundings. Instead, during each guided walk, Janice invites participants to immerse themselves in the nature around them, open up their senses and slow down the busy mind. For years Janice has found solace in nature, and describes time spent in the great outdoors as ‘soul food’. With each walk she aims to share this ‘food’ with others to help alleviate anxiety, navigate the stresses of life, and find greater peace and calm.

Forest Therapy was inspired by the Japanese practice of Forest Bathing or shinrin-yoku, which translates as “bathing oneself in the atmosphere of the forest.” Forest bathing began in Japan in the 1980s, and has recently grown more popular worldwide and is considered preventative health care. Amos Clifford, founder of the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy guides, combined the science of Forest Bathing with his training in psychotherapy, to develop an intentional sequence of invitations led by a trained guide.  Each invitation is a practice for your mind, body and spirit in relationship with nature.  

Benefits of a Forest Therapy Walk with Janice: 

  • Be guided to immerse your senses in the qualities of the forest and the more-than-human world around you.
  • Focus on the relationship between you and nature rather than just taking a walk.
  • Experiene how partnering with nature calms your nervous system 

"My goal with Forest Therapy is to have people fall in love with the forest and see themselves reflected in it.  In essence, to fall in love with themselves.  Because we naturally want to  care for what we love, self-care improves and so does stewardship of the land."  Janice

Walks are approximately 2.5 hours . Location is determined based on weather and mobility factors of those signed up.  Individual, family, and group walks can be arranged. 

$40 per person.  $70 per couple. Minimum fee of $250 for private bookings.  


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Through Nature and Forest Therapy, Janice inspires awareness and appreciation of the healing power of nature and stewardship of the land.


Contact Janice for upcoming walks or to book a private walk.  


Payment can be made by eTransfer to or cash at time of walk.  Thank you!