"Janice created and guided a beautiful walk; building a safe, open and intimate container for sharing, without judgement and deep listening."

- Eileen

"I noticed I was much more grounded by the end of the walk and the feeling stayed with me for days. I look at the trees and my surroundings differently now."

- Denise

"It has been my great pleasure to work with Janice. You are a gifted clinician and our patients have benefited immensely from your care, kindness, love and clinical prowess."

- Former Colleague

"With Janice, I feel safe and secure to share my fears and vulnerabilities, knowing that compassion and understanding is what Janice will meet me with"

- Jen

"I spend a lot of time in nature, but I have never felt the way I did on the guided walk with Janice. I felt connected and like I belonged. It was a deeper and more profound experience than I’ve ever had before."

- Barbara

"This walk was a great experience and gave me time to slow down, clear my mind, and open myself to the peaceful, calm, nurturing environment. Janice was very knowledgeable and helpful in leading me to these things. I’m looking forward to the next one."

- Anne

"You’ve made a huge, huge difference in my journey to becoming myself. There’s still a lot of the story left, and because of your effort and acceptance of me as a person, I don’t feel so alone in it"

- Corey